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The Writer’s Geekosphere

How important is your personal writing space? That is, can you sit and write just anywhere, or do you have a specific place—a desk, a room, a coffee shop—that tends to be where you can focus your attention on the task of writing? One of my writing friends blogged today about the disruption that can come from having a person (or a puppy) unexpectedly in your writing space (“OMG, There’s a Person in my Writing Space!”). I’m interested in the physical makeup of the writing space itself, and how it helps or hinders the writing process.

There’s a term I remember from the early days of the Internet, which is mostly used by programmers and developers, but I think it applies equally well to writers and anyone who spends a lot of time on their computer. The word is geekosphere, and it means all the junk (and occasional useful items) that decorate the area around your computer monitor. If you work regularly on a laptop, and do so wherever you happen to be, you probably don’t have a geekosphere. (Although I’ve seen road warriors who have traveling geekospheres, pulling out all those special items before settling down to work; anything’s possible.)  Continue reading